Canmore Dog Companion Association






To resist aggressive legislation curtailing the reasonable rights of dog companions and dogs.


To educate regarding the benefits of responsible pet companionship.


To enhance the public profile of dog companions and dogs.


To establish facts regarding the impact of pets.


To determine what dog companions would like to see for facilities and to lobby for them.





Open to all who can share in the above mission.


Members will join in collecting information and in spreading it to the Town Council, Town Administration, the Alberta Government and to the whole population.


Members will join in Association activities to create an improved community for dogs, for companions and for the whole public.


Members will educate themselves and others on the care and treatment of dogs and on the benefits to be gained from animal companionship.









Newsletter: Dogs in Canmore.htm


Draft bylaw:  BYLAW 03-2002 1st reading.htm


Town’s summary of issues: Summary of Public Hearing.htm


Public presentations:    Animal Control Bylaw Public Hearing


                                                Wildlife Corridor Science Review

A presentation to the Town of Canmore Council May 14th, 2002


Dog lore:    Some quotations about dogs